Suicide Prevention Through Better Mental Health Care

Better mental health care and ease of access :

We need to find ways to make life less difficult for people who struggle with mental illness. No one should have to choose between needed medicine and food or shelter.
We all deserve to have our basic needs met with respect and acceptance. Mental illness is not the person’s fault any more than cancer or heart disease is. This is hard for most of us to understand.
What we see of mental illness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many more people suffer silently. We can’t see mental illness, it comes to our attention when it is not treated effectively. Sometimes that makes us uncomfortable, and forces us to look at the results of our personal priorities.
Mental health care and suicide prevention should be obvious public health goals. Medicines are getting better and better at keeping depression controlled, but the enjoyment and satisfaction of everyday life is more than just “getting by” emotionally. Suicide means ending your life on purpose. Suicide prevention means making living look better than dying.

Lots of people with depression, and other mental health problems, find new lives with the right mental health care. Others don’t have the same opportunities.
Suicide looks like the best or only choice for them. We can’t stop all of the hardships of their lives, but suicide prevention has to include making better mental health care more available.

How to help yourself and your loved ones get better mental health care:

Learn the warning signs of depression.

If the depression is mild and not upsetting sleep, appetite, concentration or irritability, look for a licensed counselor, social worker or psychologist.
If there are any of the following,
frequent crying or anger outbursts, or crying for no reason, or loss of temper at little things
unusual irritability, snappiness, impatience, criticism of others
poor concentration, follow through, or are more easily distracted
avoiding family and friends, saying ‘no’ to most invitations or suggestions
trouble falling asleep, (longer than 20″-30″), staying asleep (should be getting usual sleep or 6-8 hours a night), or sleeping too much ( more than 2 hours longer than usual), or waking up and not getting back to sleep
panic attacks, with physical signs like fast heart beat, shortness of breath, shaking, sweating, dizziness, nausea, chest tightness or chest pain, numbness or tingling in hands or feet
thoughts of death or suicide
new or increased use of alcohol or recreational or prescription drugs
All of the above persons can do counseling, but a person will probably also need someone who can prescribe medication.

Choosing the right Mental Health Professional assures better mental health care for everyone.
Learning more about depression helps you to get better mental health care for yourself and your loved ones. You will pick up on it sooner, and do something about it before it gets disabling.
Thoughts of suicide don’t usually come on suddenly, so noticing depression early and getting help can stop a lot of suffering. Spread the word, help stop the epidemic of suicide.
Of course, suicidal thoughts or attempts always deserve immediate attention.
If you are currently suicidal, please call 911, your local suicide hotline or one of the national suicide hotlines at 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK

Health Care IT: SharePoint Ensures That Better Patient Health Begins With Better Information

As a health care business owner, your primary goal is, naturally, to provide world-class patient support and care. The last thing you need is to be dragged down by redundant tasks that result in administrative waste, lost revenue and patient dissatisfaction. That’s where hosted SharePoint can help.

Hosted SharePoint 2010 enables you to implement a system-wide, mission-critical, collaborative solution for your health care organization, no matter your role, without feeling overwhelmed by the task. With a hosted SharePoint solution, you typically get a world-class Service Level Agreement from your hosting provider — an agreement that offers the security, availability and accessibility you need to meet all of the IT challenges and changes that you face.

Undoubtedly, better patient health begins with better information.

Many IT environments have been overwhelmed by the myriad of changes sweeping the health care system. Their impact has resulted in inaccessible data, more infrastructure complexity and less innovation. Add to that the increased compliance issues facing hospitals, physicians, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations, and it’s critical to implement more efficient, intelligent, and thorough methods of document management and information sharing related to patient care.

By offering your staff better and more rapid access to business and clinical processes, patient histories and other life-saving information-when and where it’s needed-you are empowering them to provide better care and services. And, by connecting patients to better information, they can make better choices and take a more active role in improving their own health.

SharePoint Benefits Health Care Providers

SharePoint 2010 gives you tools to adapt your organization so you can meet the variety of information-driven demands you face-all in far less time and with far less paper. Expect a return on investment from SharePoint in several ways:

Improve health care performance for patients through more effective, efficient, and searchable digital communications.
Implement Business Process Management (BPM) to automate processes and save time, allowing health care workers more time with patients.
Centralize patient data, keep records, and track incidents for thorough case management-especially important for managing information sharing among numerous shifts, facilities and health care professionals.
Transform record-keeping processes related to hospital documents, policies and human resources activities.
Increase efficiency through online forms and automated workflows, reducing time spent on documentation.
Add SharePoint to your toolkit for managing HIPAA compliance efforts.

Why Health Care Companies Are Moving Toward Hosting

Increasingly, health care companies are turning to outsourced cloud solutions and dedicated server solutions for help in adapting to the new business and regulatory environment they now face. Being a successful supplier takes much more than having technical expertise.

In order to deliver the solutions you need, it is critical that the hosting provider you choose understand fully the challenges of the evolving health care industry. Look for a 100% SLA-guaranteed and SAS 70 Type II-certified hosting company to maintain the highest level of security. Additionally, when deploying SharePoint 2010, look for a company that will customize client solutions to address critical compliance issues involving HIPAA, PCI Compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry-specific regulations.

With a best practices approach to working with you, and an understanding of the organizational and compliance issues you face, a good hosting provider can become a trusted partner in helping you to deploy a customized, hosted SharePoint solution.

Physical Activities For Better Life

In this fast and busy world, a lot of people are forgetting the importance of engaging into physical activities. Physical activity is important in order to have a better and healthier quality of life. Regular exercise can help fight the risk of health threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and heart diseases.

Most people acquire threatening diseases from eating food chain meals when they are in the office without any form of exercise to burn the calories. Sitting in front of the computer for long hours and slouching in front of the television until day break is also quite an unhealthy habit. You should remember that, having a fast paced life is not an excuse for you to neglect exercise. Besides, if you fail to work out your muscles and choose to continue with a sedentary lifestyle, you who will suffer in the end.

Moderate physical activities can help you have a better life. Even simple walking could account for a healthier mind and body. When you’re heading to your office, instead of riding the elevator, you can take the stairs to exercise your muscles. In case you have the luxury of being off from work, stop cuddling your blankets and do some house chores. A simple home gardening or scrubbing your bedroom floor can give you some movements that can benefit your muscle groups. Just keep yourself active all day and refrain from slouching on your couch. It is also good to do simple exercises before you head off to work. Do a little stretching, jogging or spend a couple of minutes with some fitness machines that can help workout your body.

Having a healthier lifestyle is as simple as changing your unhealthy habits into a better one. Start by fixing your lazy habits and eat the right kind of foods. All it takes is the right attitude in order for you to successfully do all these things.

Does Having More Equate To A Better Life?

Does having more mean a better life? But more of what? Money? Cars? Houses? Stuff? What does having more really mean and is it that important. And whatever this “more” is, can it make you happy?

1. More Money

Getting on a plan to erase debt will obvious lead to less debt and more of everything else. More money in your bank account. More investments in your retirement account. More equity in your home when you pay down the mortgage or eventually pay it off. All of this growth in your finances leads to overall more money and larger wealth.

2. More Security

Getting your finances in shape has a domino effect on your financial security. Your security increases because your emergency fund is fully funded. A setback such as the loss of a job or illness will not have as great an impact on you because you will be financially ready. This leads to greater peace of mind. Which in turn is better for your health.

3. More Time

With more money and a greater sense of financial security you can have more time to focus on the things that matter to you. You will be less likely to feel trapped by either a dead-end job or a job you don’t like because you’re afraid of giving up the paycheck. With greater security and money in the bank you are free to pursue a career that you really enjoy. Free to maybe chase after your dream job. With spending in check and a nest egg increasing, you can seriously consider taking a job for less money.

4. More Choices

Erasing debt gives you greater security and more choices. You have the choice to buy cars you can afford. Live in houses you can afford. Go on vacations you have been wanting to do. And the ultimate choice to either spend money or just hold onto it gives you greater freedom and offers you more choices in life. For example, exploring a career change as discussed above.

5. More Things

And yes, having cash and paying cash for everything allows you to purchase more material possessions if that is what you desire. You do have the freedom to buy the next great electronic item if you want and not go into debt for it.

But ultimately it is not the money, the material possessions (i.e. the stuff), the house or the car that will make people happy. As you can see from three of the five points above, it’s about quality of life. It’s about having more time with loved ones. It’s about the freedom of having choices to pursue happiness. Whatever that happiness may mean to you. Now go erase debt, build wealth, and enjoy your choices.

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Lose Weight To Have A Better Life

Yes it’s true if you get in shape your life will change drastically for the better. There are so many things you’ll be able to do that you didn’t even realize. The perfect time is before the changing of the season when you can wear that new outfit and know for a fact that you look good. Well that is what you want right to look good?

Some people’s weight actually causes them to have other problems like acne or bone problems. If you lose extra weight then you will be well on the way towards a much better life for you and your family. The best thing to do is set an example if you don’t show your children or your friends that you are motivated to lose weight, be healthy, and get in shape then you can never really expect them to.

So start with yourself focus on seeing results. You can’t just expect to see instant results. Like everything else weight loss takes works but if you stick to it you are sure to see the results you want and much more.

When I lost weight I felt like a whole new person. I could do whatever I wanted to and it was such a great feeling. I wish everyone could just be focused and get the weight loss results that they want to see. I think everyone can there is just certain things about the way we live our everyday lives that are bad for us.

One thing for example is candy at every register in a grocery store. I mean I want to go to the store and get health food for my family the last thing I want to get is a stick of nothing but sugar. I think that should be replaced with other healthier options and it would probably do a lot of good for America as a whole in losing weight.

Three Steps to a Better Life

Step 1 – Targeted Focus

We know that our thoughts expand into our reality and manifest into different aspect of our life. The logical conclusion then would be that everything and everyone in our lives up to this point, we have attracted and are responsible for. Consequently, the solution to a better life is simple, all you have to do is ensure that you are attracting what you want, not what you don’t want. An important point to make is that people, at least the people that complain most about their life, tend to focus on the negative aspect of things. Things like how much they hate being in debt, how tired they are, how overweight they are, how badly people treat them, how no matter how hard they try their circumstances never get any better. “As go your thoughts, so go you.” In other words, what your mind focuses on…you will attract.

If you focus on the things you don’t like, you will continue to draw to you the things you don’t like. Your unconscious mind can not differentiate between want and doesn’t want. It only reacts to the focus of the thought or words. One time I was explaining this to a friend of mine and immediately his reaction was, “OK, from now on instead of focusing on how much I hate my debt, I’ll focus on getting out of debt.” Wrong! The focus is still…debt. All your unconscious mind hears and sends out into the universe is “debt,” and that’s what you will attract. Instead of focusing on getting rid of your debt, you need to focus on financial abundance. Instead of focusing on finding a better job, you need to focus on serving the world in the best way you can and in a way that is best suited for you. Instead of focusing on losing weight, you need to focus on being the picture of health. You must move toward something, not away from something, have a “toward strategy,” not an “away from strategy.” Move toward your ideal state, not away from your problem state…whatever that state may be.

Some examples of an away from strategy are things like the anti-war movement, the say no to drugs campaign, the stop the global warming trend. All these things focus on the exact thing they don’t want. Consequently, if anything all these areas of concern are getting worse, we’re losing the battle on drugs, the war is not coming to an end anytime soon, and global warming continues to be an issue. Ask yourself why the anti-war movement is having no impact on the state of the conflict currently in the middle east. Now ask yourself why the peace movement of the 60’s was so influential and created such change. The answer is simple…the focus, the collective consciousness. The focus in the 60’s was on peace and love, the focus now is on hating war. It is interesting to note that Mother Teresa never attended an anti-war rally. She would say, “if you are having a peace rally, let me know.”

The fact of the matter is that when you focus on something, I mean really focus on it. You tend to attract to you the object of your focus. For instance, have you ever gone car shopping, found a car that you are interested in and then everywhere you look you see that make of car, where before you became interested in buying that car you didn’t see them around much, if at all. Is it possible that once you became attracted to that car everyone else did too, and they all ran out and purchased one. Not likely. The fact of the matter is that those cars were always there, you just didn’t have the inclination to notice them. Why..? Because you weren’t focused on them. The act of being focused brings things to our awareness that wouldn’t normally be there. Let me clarify. The things are there, the specific make of car was always there, we just didn’t notice it because our focus was elsewhere. Once we focus on it we become aware of it.

Human beings are creatures of deletion, there are literally millions of things going on around at any point in time, we cannot consciously focus on everything, so our minds delete what it deems unnecessary, unimportant or out of our reach. Once we bring something into focus we see it, hear it…we notice it.

The problem lies in the fact that so many people are focused on what is lacking in their lives. As a result, when a solution presents itself they do not see it because it is not in their realm of focus. They delete it. It’s as though we go through life with blinkers on…and we do. What does get notices though is everything that supports their focus of what they’re lacking or don’t like; they notice the endless bills, how much they hate their job, the sad state of the world, the monotony of life and the problems they encounter. Life is trying desperately to provide people with what they deserve and with the solutions to life, but unfortunately the solutions go unnoticed because we are to busy focusing on the problems.

This reminds me of a scene in a movie with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels called “Dumb and Dumber.” (Probably the last movie you were expecting to learn a lesson from) At the end of the movie the two main characters are walking along a deserted road complaining about the state of their life and the fact that nothing great ever happens to them. A Hawaiian Tropic tour bus pulls along side them filled with beautiful bikini clad models. The models proceed to ask them if they know two guys who would be interested in being their lotion boys and touring the United States with them for the remainder of the summer. The characters look at each other as if to signify that finally their time had come, or so we think, and then proceed to point the girls in the direction of the nearest town saying. “I’m sure you’ll find a couple of guys there”. As the bus drives away you hear the characters say, “boy those are going to be two lucky guys. How come we never catch breaks like that?” A silly movie, not really intended to provide any profound messages, yet if we’re open and aware we can find life lessons everywhere. The lesson here is “don’t miss out on the solution or an opportunity because you are so focused on the problem.”

Step 2 – Visualize

If you can’t see the finish line, how will you ever get there?

Being able to see a clear picture of your desired outcome is crucial to the successful attainment of that outcome. Use your visualization skills and see yourself already there, having already attained the object of your desire. See, feel and act as if you already have what you desire. When visualizing your outcome, remember that details are where it’s at. Don’t just see a vague picture of your dream home, see the details. What color is the house? What finish is the house, wood, stucco, brick, stone etc? Does the entrance have a slate, tile, or marble floor? What do the light fixtures and window coverings look like? What kind of doorknobs are on the front doors? What kind of view do you have? Can you hear or see the ocean from your back yard? Can you smell the flowers in your garden? What does the landscaping look like? Paint a picture in your mind, one that you can come back to again and again. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to put yourself in the picture.

Step 3 – Positive Emotion

Focusing your thoughts and visualizing is like anything else it takes time and practice to get really good at it. The trick is to do it daily. Set aside specific times of the day to focus your thoughts and visualize your outcomes, make it part of your daily routine. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning or taking a shower. Once you hone the skill of being able to consistently focus your thoughts on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want, and to visualize your results as though they were already achieved then add emotion to the mix.

In order to create an energy flow that allows your desires to come to you as quickly as possible you must allow yourself to feel the emotions that that particular desire will bring for you. If you are focusing your thoughts and energy on financial abundance and have created a clear and detailed picture of what the end result will be then feel the feelings that financial abundance would bring you. What emotions would being financially abundant create for you? How would you feel if you had the financial ability to give your family and friends the best of everything? How would you feel if you had the resources to help people who truly needed your help?

How would you feel if you could spend your time on things that meant the most to you and that you enjoyed the most because money was no object? How would it feel if you had your perfect mate? How would you feel if you could live or go anywhere in the world without having to give any thought to the cost? How would it feel to be sitting by the pool in your dream home (that’s assuming there is a pool in your dream home)? Tap into those feeling as you focus and visualize on your desired outcomes and make it as vivid and real as possible. Remember, you must see the pictures as if you already have that which you desire.

P.S. Don’t forget that these 3 steps must be followed by “inspired action.” Be focused, visualize your outcome, create positive emotions and then go after your desires with extreme persistence and determination. Remember, no one can do your push ups for you!

Ray Bertani is a Corporate Consultant, Public Speaker and Trainer and Coach in the areas of Human Resources, Leadership, Personal development and Peak Performance. He is the Managing Director and Founder of “Cura Solutions”, a Professional and Personal Development firm located in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, dedicated to helping great people achieve their potential.

Cura Personal Developement Solutions prides itself on adding significant and lasting value to each and every client it serves. For more information on how “Cura Solutions” can help you, email them at [email protected] or visit their personal development website and blog at []

Surrender to a Better Life

Getting yourself all worked up and stressed out gives your power away. It affects your health and well-being, draining your energy and keeping you stuck in confusion. Do you want to continue to give your power away each day and let life lead you OR are you ready to lead your life? You take your control back by surrendering-going with the flow of life rather than getting worked up over things that happen. Decide to let go of stress and overwhelm. It’s a choice!

Surrender yourself by letting go of the need to get it all done in this moment. Let go of the fear and anxiety and trust yourself. Things like worry, fear, anxiety and frustration get your blood pressure up and focus on the negative. Trust that you will find the right answer, whatever that is for you right now. Everything happens just the way it’s suppose to-you just need to trust.

It is more a question of how do you want to live your life? You will always have stress. Can you have stress with joy and grace? Or do you choose to have stress with anxiety, frustration, stomach aches, headaches, nausea, exhaustion and chaos. It’s your choice! Refocus yourself on the positive. Refocus on the good things in your life and surrender to the stress and chaos.

Let’s say you push your comfort zone when expanding your company, resulting in stress and worry. Step back and take a fresh look. Refocus on the positive things in your life-the many blessings you already have. This helps put things into perspective. Listen to your heart-it always guides you in the right direction-if you just stop long enough to hear it.

So, ask yourself, where is your stress level today? How is your stress level on an average day? If your stress level is too high, find ways to surrender. Decide that life is too short to get worked up and just let it go. Let go of the tension, BREATH, change your perspective so you surrender to a better life-a life of joy and grace. It is just a choice in every moment!

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Goal Setting: Your Key for a Better Life and Career

How many of you have woken up in random mornings with zero idea on how to spend your day? Or more simple; how many of you can mention at least five real goals that you would like to accomplish within the next year? I am pretty sure that some of you answered yes to the first question while others may are having a hard time answering the second one. If you are one of those people, do not panic, you are not alone. There are many people who unfortunately live their lives without a plan; a plan that in one way or another will help them get where they want to go in life.

Having a plan in for your life is an important process that all human begins should take in consideration. It involves creating realistic and “reachable” goals. Goals that you can use as your guide while moving forward in life. Many people (especially young adults) believe that creating goals is difficult because they are not sure what path they want to take in life. Or some of them feel like their lives changes so fast that they cannot keep up with those changes, which in one way or another it prevents them from achieving their goals. Again, if you are one of these people, do not panic, you are not alone. The important part here is to understand that without a plan in life your “pursuit of happiness” or your “pursuit for a better life and/or career” will become a scary and frustrating maze.

Goal setting is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, is one of the few things that you can have complete control of, and that can be modified (If you need to) according to the life path you want to take and/or according to the changes you make during your drive toward that “pursuit of happiness.” Goal setting requires you to have an idea of the things you want to accomplish in life and to put those things in a “to do list” and organize them by priority. Yes my friends, it is as simple as that.

If you are one of those people who had a difficult time answering my second question at the beginning of this article, or are having a hard time accomplishing your goals, I invite you to continue reading. Below, I will share with you six (6) tips to start setting realistic goals and to continue working toward the achievement of those goals.

Tip #1 Relax and clear your mind of unnecessary distractions: This tip, in my opinion is one of the most important ones at the moment of setting your goals. It is important for you to relax, to take a deep breath, and not to take this exercise way too seriously. Remember, obsessing over things is not going to take you anywhere. Also, discharging unnecessary distraction from your brain will help you to have an “empty mind,” which will prepare your brain for the next tip.

Tip #2 Brainstorm about where you want to go in life and the things you want to achieve: Start by identifying what is that you want to do in life, or the things that you really want to achieve. Identifying those things and having a clear idea of where you want to go in life will help you to see the big picture and create realistic goals. Remember to identify the things YOU want to achieve. This is not the time to let other people influence you or to give you ideas. This should be your goals; not other people’s goals.

Tip #3 Maintain a journal of those goals: After you identify the things you want to achieve, write them down in a journal and keep that journal handing for those moments when you start losing your focus. Putting your goals in writing will also help you in remembering why you want to achieve that goal, which in one way or another will prevent you from taking an unnecessary detour.

Tip #4 Set timeframes and prioritize your goals: Once you identify your goals and write them down, make sure you establish timeframes for each goal. Setting timeframes will help you prioritize the goals in a way that you do not feel overwhelm by them. Knowing what you want to do and the time in which you want to accomplish it will help you maintain your mental health intact and will prevent you from burning yourself down trying to achieve all at the goals at once.

Tip #5 Create a plan: Now is time to create your plan. Gather your journal and start making a “let’s do it” plan to help you achieve your goals. In this plan, make sure to list all the things you need that will help you achieve your goals. Also, add to the list people who you think will help you achieve the goals or at least can give you the motivation you need to maintain yourself focus on the completion of your goals. Once you have identified those resources, write down how you are going to “attack” each goal and the way you will use those resources during your “attack.” Once you have a better idea of what you want to accomplish, the resources you need, and the way you are going to use them, it will be easier for you to get in “attacking mode.”

Tip #6 Follow that plan: And last but not least; follow your plan. Yes, it is that simple my friends. I know that life has its ups and downs and sometimes, it is difficult to stay focus in the achievement of your goals but if you put all your effort and make a point of sticking to your plan, you will have a great chance of success. I promise!

Bottom-line; setting realistic goals in your life not only will help you have a clear idea of the path you need/want to follow, but it will also give clear and direct instructions to your brain of the things you are supposed to be working on to avoid distraction or unnecessary detours. Let’s start taking control over our lives my friends by creating a plan and working hard toward the achievement of our goals.

Remember; “the significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain.” ~ Kahlil Gibran ~

How To Create A Better Life – Part 6

Creating a better life starts from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you fall asleep at night. You have to make a conscious decision to control your life or your life will control you. One of the best ways of doing this is to create a daily routine of speaking affirmations out loud to yourself.

What are affirmations? The dictionary says that an affirmation is something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.

Now, many times what you say may not be true at the present time but you are mentally preparing yourself to do and receive what you have spoken. There are many books written on this subject alone, which go into much more detail than what is contained within the scope of this article. But one thing is certain, if you want a better life you have to begin to speak positive things over your life.

You must speak them with conviction and heart felt feeling. You can’t just mumble them under your breath and expect your life to change. Of course you don’t have to shout them out either.

You may be thinking that this is the craziest information you have ever heard. How in the world can you just speak stuff out and it happens. This is not merely about saying something that counts. The true purpose of speaking affirmations is to prepare yourself for what you are speaking.

For instance, one of the affirmations that will help you very much is this, ‘Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.’ Repeat this out loud to yourself a minimum of ten times with emotion and conviction. By the end of the tenth time you will feel much more energized and focused. You are mentally preparing yourself to get better, in every way, this day.

You have probably done this before without even knowing it. Have you ever had to give a speech or do something that might have made you nervous? Just before you start you may say to yourself, ‘Come on. You can do this. You are well prepared and have what it takes to do this. You’re the man!’

After you have said this to yourself you are more focused, pumped up, and ready to face what ever it is that you have to do. That is exactly what an affirmation is. If you want to increase your finances you may say something like, ‘Wealth is pouring into my life. I am getting wealthier each day.’ Or if you want to be healthier you might say, ‘I am in control of my health and wellness.’ Or maybe you want to increase your confidence so you could say, ‘I remove doubt by suspending disbelief and sustaining belief. I ROCK!’

Begin to live a better life by creating it with your words.

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How To Create A Better Life – Part 1

You are probably like most people on this earth; you want a better life but have no idea how to create it. You may look around at people and want their life instead of yours.

I believe that you have the ability to create a better life for yourself. A life that others want to know how it got to be so good. You have, on the inside of you, a seed of greatness. This seed has limitless potential and the ability to affect thousands of people around you.

You may not see it or even believe it. You may have been told your whole life that you were not going to amount to much in life. Or you may have some success in your life but know that you are not living the great life that you feel you were meant to live.

The first thing you must deal with head on, is your thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, whether your life is good or bad right now, if you have negative thoughts about yourself and your life, you will never be able to truly live a great life.

Your thoughts have the power to make you great or to destroy you. Obviously, thoughts alone can’t make anything happen, but all of your actions in life are a result of what you are thinking.

The way you talk to people, the way you react, the way you pursue things in life, all have to do with your thoughts and mentality. There is a book by Napolean Hill called ‘Think and Grow Rich’. At first glance, the title may seem far-fetched, deceiving, or even ludicrous. However, once you read this book the title makes perfect sense.

I remember once when I was reading this book, I was on a trip with some of my friends. I set the book down to do something and one of my friends picked it up and began reading where I had left the book open. They read it for about 10 minutes and then put it down and said to me, ‘Wow, this is amazing stuff, it’s not at all what I had expected’.

You see, they thought the book would be full of financial tips and strategies on how to get rich. Instead, the book details how you must get your thinking right in order to gain wealth. Not only financial wealth, but relational stability, and both physical and mental health.

So the first key to creating a better life is to get your thinking right. Now, this may take some time because you have probably been thinking a certain way for a long time. But make the decision now that you will get your thinking right so that you can truly live a better life.

Is there greatness on the inside of you but you don’t know how to achieve it? Jason has just completed his brand new 7 part e-course, ‘Find Your Greatness’